How to get rid of canker sores

How to get rid of canker sores when you have tried every possible method including medications?

Here is a simple trick that will help you effectively treat canker sores.

A few days ago I was eating breakfast as usual, when I noticed a sharp pain in my upper mouth area, and there it was, smaller than a pea but more frustrating than Christmas on diet, the Canker Sore.

It appears that me and Mr. Sore didn’t get along all too well so after figuring out that the kind sir was immune to a diplomatic talk I had to move to round II: 

Eliminate the Bitch

So while I was planning my strike I tried a couple of things (google is the boss and gave me a few options, but unfortunately 3 of them failed) :

1)    Tea Tree Oil (Maleleuca): I tried it for several things and the only 2 things it really helped me with was dandruff and as a deodorant ( I came up with this recipe myself so make sure you check it out  J ).                                                            
    I applied 1 drop of Teat Tree Oil on the Sore and did this for 2 days, though it relieved the pain (for 30 min) after burning the shit out of it, it didn’t really do much more so my T.T. journey ended there.

2)    Chamomile infusion: Strong chamomile infusion to reduce the inflammation of the Sore, unfortunately it didn’t do any better than reduce the pain for maybe 15 minutes and after that good old Mr. Sore was back to torture me again.

3)    I went to the Pharmacy ( I mean this time it will work right?) and asked the guy at the counter to give me something good for it, 6 euros later and with “ Mundisal Gel” in my bag I went home laughing in an evil way sure of my mortal last strike to finally kill it, well, I was wrong. The product based on “ Cholinsalicylat” (german name I did not find the translation for it) not only burns more than alcohol but other than costing 6 euros and having a fancy name it did less than all the others, the funny part is the product states it helps “blocking pain” and reducing inflammation, well I have a question for all those pharma geniuses, what good is it to reduce inflammation and block pain if the sore is STILL full with bacteria? 

Let me answer that for you, nothing. And that is exactly what happened... Nothing.

I thought about giving up for 1 minute and decided to look on google how long these things take to heal, the answer made me slightly pshychotic: 7-14 days.

Hell no. I was not going on a rendezvous with this guy one more day, I didn’t even invite him after all. So I decided to stop following other people’s advices and to use the last piece of brain that was still functional inside my head.

What could kill bacteria, be used orally without any harm, reduce inflammation and not fail? How to get rid of canker sores effectively ?

I remembered I still had wild oregano oil from the last time I caught a very aggressive bacteria from eating rotten meat at an amusement fair, ( it was the only thing that stopped me from being sick at the time by the way) so I thought, screw it…I have 14 days to wait anyway might as well try it.

Let me tell you this, I LOVE wild oregano oil and after this experiment even more.
I applied 1 drop of wild oregano oil (from Solgar) to the sore and left it there, it does burn so know what to expect. After 1 minute of burning (not as much as alcohol or the Mundisal Gel) the burning sensation was gone, the pain, was gone.

I went to sleep and on the next day I could eat without experiencing pain, the sore that had a thicker white layer on it now had only a very thin layer that looked kinda “dry” I could tell the accumulated bacteria died!

Even better oregano oil has a nice intense spicy taste to it and you can swallow it, it won’t harm you (these pills are actually developed to be orally ingested).

On day 2 the sore was, like I said, not as white, when I applied the oregano oil again it burned but 50% less than the 1st time, this can show 2 things: That is had less bacteria on it or that it was actually healing.

No more Canker Sores for me, oh the joy.

It is known that wild oregano oil kills at least 30 strains of harmful bacteria!
Quoting: “(…) Other experimental studies have shown that this unique blend of oil of oregano kills at least 30 different strains of harmful bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, as well as other microorganisms, including coronaviruses, which are the second most common viruses to cause the common cold. Coronaviruses can also cause pneumonia and other respiratory infections.2-6
The P73 oil of oregano blend has also been shown to kill the Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacterium, which is known to be a causal factor in up to 90 percent of duodenal ulcers and 80 percent of stomach (gastric) ulcers. A small clinical trial initiated in 2003 demonstrated that the P73 oil of oregano blend showed positive results in patients with stomach and duodenal ulcers.
These bacteria are NOT easy to slay even with conventional antibiotics, I can say that H.Pylori is a very nasty one as I had it myself for quite a few years and only managed to eradicate it through changing the PH of the stomach ( but that is another subject).
Fact is the oregano oil was the only thing that helped me, I want to add that I do chemo pills every day for my chronic condition and therefore have a weaker immune system than healthy people, so the oregano oil helps me with what my body is lacking.
To use the oregano oil : Simply put 1 drop of wild oregano oil 3-4 times a day on the affected spot, leave it on like that, it will burn for a minute and then stop.
Do this every day until it completely heals.
I use Wild Oregano Oil soft capsules from Solgar as they produce high quality supplements and I always had good success with their products.

For other methods that might work check out THIS PAGE as it also provides good infos.
Hope you liked my How to get rid of canker sores post, if you have any other methods please share them and let us know J

X Senna

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